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Moment Pastor survives gunshot as gunman suddenly enters church during sermon (Watch)



A video capturing a pastor narrowly escaping death as a gunman suddenly emerged from the congregation during a sermon has surfaced online.

The incident, captured on video, shows the remarkable bravery and quick action of those present.

As the pastor stood at the pulpit delivering his sermon, the tranquility of the service was shattered by the sudden appearance of a man wielding a firearm.

In an instant, the congregation was thrust into chaos as the gunman pointed his weapon at the pastor.

However, before panic could fully set in, members of the congregation reacted with incredible courage and unity.

With swift action, they rushed towards the assailant, tackling him to the ground and disarming him before he could carry out his intentions.

The video footage of the incident, which swiftly circulated on social media, captures the tense moments as congregants grapple with the armed intruder.

Despite the danger, the courageous church members sprang into action, shielding their pastor and fellow worshippers from harm.

In the aftermath of the attack, the pastor himself emerged unharmed.

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