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“This is disgusting” – Video as pregnant woman pours water on her man for sleeping peacefully while she is going through pain (Watch)



Several reactions have started trailing a video that captured the moment a pregnant woman was seen sleeping together with her man on the bed.

In the video, the pregnant woman with a heavy baby bump and her man was fast asleep before the woman suddenly woke up from the bed.

As she woke up from her bed, the pregnant woman was not feeling comfortable as she is seen rubbing her hand around her stomach with a strong facial expression.

As of this moment, the husband was still on the bed sleeping so hard not knowing that his pregnant wife was awake feeling uneasy.

Moment later, the pregnant woman feels betrayed that her husband could not notice her difficult state despite being closer to him on the bed.

Swiftly, the angry pregnant woman raises eyebrows as she pours a bucket of water on her husband who is sleeping peacefully.

The husband did not see this coming as he responded by rushing out from the bed leaving him in disorder state.

The pregnant woman accompanied the video with the caption; “Me when I can’t sleep and my husband is sleeping peacefully.”

Watch the video below;

As expected, the video sparked several reactions online as many berated the behaviour of the pregnant woman who pours water on her man while sleeping. See reactions below;

beautyfull_aby:  Be using pregnancy as an excuse to act like a werey! If I sound you ehn baby?

ayob_ee: This one nah bad character o forget pregnancy.

i.karlis:  But during the day time he will be running around for the family , at this point some women think they men are free because they are not the ones with the pregnancy, but their problems big pass that , let him sleep tomorrow might be long for him 😢😢.

tolabolaji_tgd:  When my wife gave birth, I may not have gone through the pain but as she lay on that bed, I was jumping from one place to another, before pregnancy was a chase for money, back rubbing, foot massage, leg smoothing, food errands, drug errands, words of encouragement, race to get money. Getting mentally ready if she labours in the night because then I didn’t have a car. I had people’s number on speed dial, ready to call in case labour behijs.

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kene_chukwu85:  This is exactly what that pastor said, so because you are pregnant and doesn’twant to sleep, your husband should not sleep. Though it is a skit, if you try this with me I will just leave the house for you.

mercyy_golden:  Very bad character…women were created to get pregnant and you can decide not to get pregnant in your life since you don’t want to go through the stress..Every responsible man Carries the pregnancy with their wife too,if God created men to get pregnant,I’m sure they will do it without bothering their wives…To be man no easy o,working and hustling for the family,protecting the family…Women of now do too much,you hardly see the kind of torture in the old times…We know pregnancy comes with a lot of issues and stress,but pls take in easy on your husbands..

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