About Edujandon.com 

WebSite Title: Edujandon.com

WebSite Description: Be Up to Date

Topic of Focus: News,Entertainment,celebrity gossip,music,computer,networking and help

Date of Establishment: December, 2013.

WebSite Objectives:

1.To provide great user experience.

2.To provide engaging and helpful contents.

3.To comprehend relevant topics easily to users.

4.Keep Readers up to date

 How the Title and Address of this website was derived: Edujandon.com was originally derived from the name Edu Jandon 

About Author: 

Name: Edu Jandon (Ezeorah Chinedu Samson)

Course Study: Computer Engineering

Institution: Enugu State University of Science and Technology(Status: Graduate)

Skills and Abilities: Blogging,writing,Phone and Computer Wiz,Smart

Language Spoken:English and Igbo