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Angry Residents Set Poly Students On Fire After Car Hits, Kill Four In Osun State



A tragic accident occurred in Ode-Omu on Saturday morning, claiming the lives of four individuals. A car, reportedly carrying students from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, collided with a motorcycle, resulting in the deaths of the motorcycle rider and three passengers.

The motorcycle, according to an eyewitness, was conveying a woman and her three children to Oogi town after a night vigil when the incident happened early in the morning around Obada market, Ode-Omu.

The eyewitness said the bike man, the mother and two of her children died instantly with only the youngest child surviving.

Angry by the incidents, some residents who saw what happened chased after the occupants of the car who tried to run away and caught two of them while one person reportedly escaped.

The residents reportedly set those caught on fire but they were said to have been rescued by the police.

He said, “The Car was coming from Osogbo. The incident happened around 6:00 am at Obada market. It was a private car.

“The people on the bike were coming from a night vigil at Ode-Omu and going to Oogi when the car rammed them.

“There were five persons on the bike including the bike man, the mother and her three children.

“Two of the children including their mother and the bike man died instantly. Only the little child that was backed survived.

“The accident was fatal in that the car that hit the bike itself crashed somewhere.

“Immediately those in the car saw dead bodies on ground, they came out and started running, but people caught them. They were three but one person escaped.

“The angry residents set two people that were caught around Obada river on fire but they were rescued.”

Conforming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mrs Yemisi Opalola, said police officers were able to rescue those set on fire on time.

She added that nomalcy has returned to the area with those set on fire taken to an hospital in Osogbo where they are currently recieving treatment

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She said; “There was a fatal accident involving a motor and motorcycle in Obada road, Odeomu. The burnt vehicle registration number is BDG 481JD(Lagos).

“The driver escaped immediately the accident happened. After much appealing to the angry mob they set ablaze the remaining two occupants of the vehicle.

“The police was able to quench the fire, rescue the occupants and transferred them to hospital in Osogbo Nomalcy has returned to the area.”….

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