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“Our rice kept increasing after my wife gave tithe from it” — Pastor Paul Enenche reveals



The founder of Dunamis International Gospel Church, Pastor Paul Enenche shares a miraculous experience involving a bag of rice that wouldn’t stop multiplying after his wife gave tithe out of it.

During a recent ministration to his congregation, the clergyman recounted days before becoming pastors, how he and his wife were dedicated tithers; earning 30 Naira and giving out 3 Naira as tithe.

However, during a period of financial strain, they pledged a portion of their rice supply instead. Surprisingly, the rice never reduced despite repeated tithing.

Amazed by the continuous replenishment of the rice, Pastor Paul Enenche’s wife eventually gave the entire bag out.

Pastor Paul’s story underscores the significance of tithing in their faith.

In his words;

Until me and my wife married, she was tithing food; bag of rice. She’d remove one-tenth out of it and give it out. One day, we had a rice that could not finish; the more you fetch it, the more it continued. She became afraid in the end and dashed out the rest. What kind of food is this that wouldn’t finish.”

Reactions as Pastor Paul Enenche narrates replenishing rice after tithing
nglatmrn said: “Pastors will preach everything and always skip Deuteronomy 14:22-29. Please in all you do, know how tithing works with this verse it will help you.”

NonyeKings noted: “The things of the spirit are foolishness unto those who are spiritually dead.”

_namedNameless added: “When you hear tales of the supernatural, it sounds like it’s made up coz it cannot be empirically explained.”

Engr_Ashile wrote: “This man thinks we are all arsenal fans .”

__Nnamdi_ penned: “Pastors and Nigeria politicians are the same. Thieves and liars.”

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