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Kenneth Okonkwo Response After He Heard That Senate Has Approved Death Penalty For Drug Traffickers



Attorney Kenneth Okonkwo, a prominent member of the Labour Party (LP), expressed his reaction upon learning that the Senate had approved the death penalty for narcotics traffickers.

PUNCH reports that the death sentence for importers and distributors of heroin, cocaine, and other hard drugs entering the nation has been passed by the Senate. The report went on to say that the production, distribution, and trafficking of hard narcotics by whatever methods are all covered by the proposed death penalty.

However, Kenneth Okonkwo has now reacted to the report. In a post that he shared on his official X handle on Thursday, he said Senate should also approve death penalty for corruption. Stating his reason, he said many people have lost their lives due to corruption in the country.

Kenneth Okonkwo wrote on his page;

“Senate approves death penalty for drug trafficking. Senate should proceed further to approve death penalty for corruption. People die from bad roads, hunger, lack of health care. All these are consequences of corruption”.

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