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AAU student attends matriculation in wedding dress (Watch)



A female student of a Nigerian University, AAU, sparked discussion as she wore a complete wedding dress to her matriculation day event at her school.

This was made known in a fresh post on a popular social media platform.

In the said post, the female student, whose face was not clearly revealed, could be seen walking while many people stared at her.

Unbothered by the looks, the girl walked past while putting on her matriculation cap.

Many, however, were surprised by the type of clothing she wore to her matriculation day, as it isn’t a wedding event, and they have taken to the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Favourite: “E reach their turn dem turn am to marriage.”

Savage: “She still get mind dey move around.”

ꨄANGELꨄ!: “I weak when I see this gal.”

Precious07061: “The bride of aau.”

Oba Hope: “Omo I weak wen I see her today.”

evidence: “when I see the girl for the school I shock😂😂

sharonlaunique: “Na we Dey run am unto fresher mode😎

Vivian 00: “Is it white wedding or matriculation.”

Empress Sharon: “Nothing who na wan tell me na the girl mama force am wear dis gown.”

His wife: “make she no fear she go see person wey match her vibes for this AAU.”

We_irdo1234: “Abi she wan marry the school.”

FRANces: “And she just Dey waka up and down.”


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