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Fake lawyer who handled 26 cases and won all against trained lawyers has been arrested



Brian Mwenda, a young handsome fake lawyer has been arrested after handling 26 cases before High Court Judges, Magistrates, and Court of Appeal Judges and winning all.

Facts East Africa shared the story said that he had managed to parade himself as a legal practitioner for years and even judges did not doubt his professionalism until his recent arrest…..

“Kenyan authorities have arrested a fake lawyer, Brian Mwenda, who has falsely been presenting himself as an Advocate of the high court of Kenya. He argued 26 cases before High Court Judges, Magistrates, and Court of Appeal Judges. He won all the 26 cases before his arrest,” Facts East Africa wrote to caption a photo of the suspect.

He is seen gently dressed in a lawyer’s black gown and wig.

Mwenda’s story has sparked conversations, with people asking that he be given a license to practice because even without it, he managed to outperform trained lawyers in the courts.

@Views09 wrote. “So he won 26 cases against Lawyers who went to the law school but he’s rather being punished? Those lawyers should rather be punished for letting one who hasn’t attended a law school win cases against them,”

@Joan_Afc: “Fair enough. Winning 26 cases isn’t beans. He deserves that license.”

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@RabsonTembo17: “Brian Mwenda has proved that Law School is a Scam and Law Bar Examination is a Scam too these are Standards made by the Colonial systems this man litigated and won all his cases give him the Law license to practice Law.”

@_KAKUS: “We’ve so many intelligent people at home who can easily perform at a chosen field without stress. Sadly, those people didn’t get the opportunity to go to school to acquire a certificate and this man right here is a perfect example…. .

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