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Nigerian man narrates how his supposed fiancée got pregnant for her ex while he was paying her tuition fee



A Nigerian businessman, Dan Baiwa Gassol, who was disappointed by his supposed fiancée has narrated how the lady got pregnant by her ex-boyfriend while he was paying her tuition fee and every other thing financially.

Commenting on a post by Linda Ikeji’s blog, the married father of two advised single people to go back to their exes if they are so important to them, rather than cheating on their spouse with them.

He said,

“If I find out my wife is in communication with any of her ex, I’ll end the marriage that day. The lady I was supposed to marry got pregnant for her ex while I was paying her tuition and everything. I will never forget the trauma. If your ex is important to you, go back to them. This is very simple”

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