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“If I marry and my husband cheats, I have access to slow killer poison” – Pharmacist says



A young pharmacist identified on Facebook as Claire Anuh has gotten people talking after she said she will kill her husband if he cheats on her.

The pharmacist took to her Facebook page to disclose that since she is a pharmacist, she has access to any kind of drug that slowly kills a person.

Explaining further, the pharmacist stated that if her husband cheats on her with another woman, she will behave innocently without giving him any reason to suspect her and begin to poison his food and drink with the slow poison which will gradually kill him without a trace.

She added that she has sold these slow poison drugs to a few women and no one suspected them of killing their own husbands.

“….Am my man, your life is in my palms. I decide how long I want you to live”.

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