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Man Who Took Up Challenge To Be burled Allve For 24 Hours Has Now Been Underground For Over 8 Hours



The video of a man being buried alive for an astonishing 8 hours has left viewers stunned and intrigued.

This is crazy. In the footage, the young man can be seen inside the box he was buried in, surrounded by various items he brought along to assist him during his confinement.

These items include a rolling camera, installed lights, a portable rechargeable fan, a power bank, and food, among other essentials.

The man admitted that the challenge was proving to be more difficult than he had anticipated and mentioned that he still had several hours to go.

One of the most concerning aspects for him was his rechargeable fan, which was running low on battery, and he realized that he had forgotten to bring its charger.

This video has sparked questions among internet users, who are curious about the man’s motives and why he would willingly put his own life at risk.

Read some reactions to the video:

aduola_michael queried: “Is this some sort of a joke for content? Or something else?”

Believer asked: “Waytin this guy Dey try prove”

OkporFrancis wrote: “Person go just dey, to die go dey hungry am”

Garz wrote: “Don’t worry when you start finding it difficult to breathe that is when your phone would switch off”

Tasha Royal said: “The kind of rubbish you people are doing these days for content is scary… God help you o”

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