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Drama as father who abandoned daughter for 29 years appears at her wedding



At a wedding ceremony, drama ensued as a Nigerian bride stood up to her absentee father, who reappeared on her wedding day after neglecting her for 29 years.

The story, shared on Twitter (now X) by a user identified as @ps_wears, recounted the saga that unfolded during the ceremony.

According to the narrative, the bride’s biological father, who had vanished after impregnating her mother during his time as a Corps member in Kwara State, reappeared upon being informed of his daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Despite years of absence and no financial support for his daughter, the absentee father was contacted out of respect and was asked to send a list of traditional requirements for the groom.

However, complications arose when the father insisted that the wedding should adhere to his cultural traditions, contrary to the bride’s upbringing by her Yoruba stepfather.

Despite the groom’s compliance with the father’s requests, the bride adamantly refused to compromise on her desire for a Yoruba wedding.

On the day of the wedding, the absentee father arrived and brazenly took a seat at the high table, expecting special treatment.

His presence caused distress for the bride, who demanded that he relocate to a regular guest seat.

When he refused, tensions escalated, threatening to disrupt the ceremony. The bride’s stepfather, observing the situation escalate, intervened and called the police to remove the deadbeat father from the venue.

“You impregnated a woman 29 years ago as a Corps member posted to a village in Kwara. You left with style because you didn’t want the pregnancy. You never came back for the child or sent a dime to your child. Family of the lady traced you through the help of the school you were posted and traced your family residence, just to tell them you have a child after she delivered and that they want you to keep contacts for future reasons.

“28 years after you are notified that your daughter is getting married and you were invited out of respect and even told to send a list of what your tradition request of a groom. Since you have no shame, you sent a long list.

“The groom sent everything to you as tradition requires, there was no negotiation, but the lady insisted on having a yoruba wedding since she was raised by a yoruba stepfather. You now said it’s impossible that she is your daughter and must wed according to your tradition.

“On the small engagement party, you showed up and went to high table to sit, as per na me get pickin! The money they sent for you to buy colour of the event you didn’t. You were came smelling alcohol. “Bride came out and saw her dad by impregnation and went back inside. That the wedding won’t hold if he doesn’t return to the congregation. This is how drama started. People started begging the man, he refused, mother was crying and the yoruba dad called, police to move him out of the hall and hold him in the patrol vehicle till the end of the wedding.”

“Wedding sha went on, and after everything they released him, Grandma from Bayelsa was around. “No one knew she was the one who authorised the police arrest. When mama will advice the couple at reception she told us, pre marital sexx should be frowned at and if a man thinks he is a father by just impregnating a woman, then he should be locked up like my son was today.”

“Mama faced grace and said, for every one naira your mum recieved while raising you, I sent them, make sure you don’t raise a mistake like I did, take care of your mum in her old age and your other responsible father. Mama drops mic and off to the airport.

“Bayelsa women are strong women. They stood behind their granddaughter and made sure the event was a success. Five of them flew in to stop the men from disturbing the wedding. Once again, if you are a Bayelsa woman, I salute you all.”

Netizens Reactions… said; “I have never been able to understand why kids who were raised by one parent while their other parent VOLUNTARILY ABANDONED them choose to reach out to the absentee parent suddenly when it’s time for a major ceremony like their weddings! All that when you have a PRESENT PARENT?”

@ThatUrh said; “When it comes to standing strong even against their children Bayelsa woman will do it. Let me hug my mum again for being that strong Bayelsa woman all through.”

@Jojoneky1 said; “U mean the absentee father ‘s mum locked up her son?”

Ebitimi reacted; “I am a Bayelsa woman My bless grandma.”

@faith1166229525 reacted; “An applaudable act.”

@Elliotcute said: “I blame the babe and those who took care of her big time not the supposed father who took zero responsibility.”

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