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Couple causes stir as they show off their bedroom prowess at wedding, go gaga with guests (Video)



A wedding video making the rounds online has sparked discussions online as it captured moments between a couple and their guests.

In the video, the couple took over the center stage on dance floor as they displayed a side of their relationship rarely seen in public events.

They showcased different bedroom styles and they locked lips romantically, rocking themselves aggressively, showing loved-up moment between the couple.

As the music swelled and hearts raced, the couple’s uninhibited performance caused buzz online.

The fair skinned bride, dressed in a black attire could be seen unbuttoning her man’s suits, ready to sleep with him.

The video also depicted how the wedding event turned into a nightclub as good looking servers stormed the venue with casket filled with expensive alcoholic drinks.

Wedding guests were seen dancing and wining crazily at the venue. Many became shirtless while showcasing their dance moves.

Watch the video below:

The video sparked reactions online as some praised the couple for their boldness and authenticity. Many berated the couple over their public display. Some reactions are shown below:

silvaboymusic said, “Na Wetin barbie chop for Skiibi house be this 😂😂😂”.

eleyi1 said, “The beginning I was like, that’s cute, they know how to have fun; life is too short.🥳😊 When it got to the middle I started praying. 😧”.

queenkehha said, “This is the kind of wedding I like to attend o, nt the one that will end 7pm”.

confam_owonicash said, “The person wey cook the wedding food put weed inside 😂😂😂”.

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