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Outrage as grandmother breastfeeds grandson as mother steps out on errand



A young mother sparks mixed reactions after allowing her child’s grandmother to breastfeed her baby while she was out running errands.

A video making the rounds on social media captured an older woman breastfeeding the baby of her daughter.

According to the child’s mother who shared the video, she was out of the house to take a photoshoot and on arrival saw her mother feeding her newborn.

She could be heard laughing hysterically while recording the moment the child took her mother’s breast and fed on it.

The video has since sparked outrage on social media with many condemning the act as inappropriate while the child’s mother insisted otherwise.

Reactions trailing mother who allowed her child’s grandmother to breastfeed her baby

official_devon91 wrote, “This is wrong and unhygienic for that child’s health .”

officialsarahmartins wrote, “She’s smiling cos it’s her mum…If it were to be her mother inlaw now… all hell will be let loose! This is totally wrong!!!!
How am I even sure she cleaned her nipple before breastfeeding this baby???? 😢”

exceptionalkidsedustores wrote, “From when I had my first child I told my mom never to try it, though she did it for my other siblings children. I personally don’t like it.”

shaddylinks wrote, “It’s a No for me though but you can do it if you want o. Not condemning the act😊”

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Watch the video below …

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