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Pastor stops offerings in church amidst hardship, urges others to follow (Watch)



A Nigerian pastor halts the collection of offerings in his church due to economic hardship while urging other churches to adopt the same approach.

In a viral clip, the clergyman announced the termination of offerings collection until the economy improves, particularly the cost of fuel.

He argued that the cost of transportation is already too high for respective members to easily afford and still be able to contribute financially to the church.

The pastor encouraged other religious leaders to adopt the same approach, emphasizing the citizens’ struggle due to the economic situation of Nigeria.

In his words;

We are not to collect offerings today. For now, because of the situation of this country, we are pending offering. All pastors should note it, pending the situation of this country, they shouldn’t collect offerings.

“Imagine someone coming to church who boarded cab of N1,500 and still dropped offering, they might end up trekking home. Am I making sense? If you don’t drop money, it doesn’t mean a pastor won’t eat. Come and serve your God; go until petrol comes down; It’s not easy.”

He concluded by urging the nation to follow the same, “To all pastors, stop collecting offerings for now.”

Watch the video below …

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