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Two weeks to the completion of her housemanship, female doctor dies in an elevator accident in Lagos



With just 2 weeks to completing her housemanship, a female doctor passes on after a mi§hap while in an elevator in Lagos.

A medical doctor identified as Dr. Vwaere Diaso has di€d after being in an elevator that reportedly cra§hed from the 10th floor of a building in Lagos.

According to reports, the tragic incident happened on Monday night, August 1, 2023. A source reports, “She completed her medical degree at Babcock University and had just two weeks to completing her housemanship at the General Hospital, Odan, Lagos Island.

She had entered the elevator at the doctors’ quarters to collect her food from a dispatch rider who was waiting for her downstairs. She was in the elevator when it cra§hed from the 10th floor to the ground. She was rushed to the emergency ward where she passed away. We have been complaining about this malfunctioning elevator for the past one year and nothing was done about it.

This incident could have been totally avoided. It’s just sad she’s gone due to poor management and negligence.”

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