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“Should We Stop Giving Pastors Our Tithes?” – Here’s the Bible Verse That Instructs on How To Pay Tithes



Each person is free to choose whether or not to continue giving to the pastors. Read the relevant Bible verse to learn more about how to donate tithes. Photo Courtesy. Photograph.

Before reading the Bible, you should first pray and then ask the Spirit to reveal to you what you need to know to understand it. It’s crucial to ask the Holy Spirit for direction when reading the Bible. This is to prevent any miscommunications.

We, therefore, examine Deuteronomy 14:22-29. The Bible tells people to save at least 10% of their income. What are your plans for the 10%? You must eat there in front of the Lord, your God, who has chosen that location for His abode among you. The Bible makes this quite clear. Many of the crops, animals and other goods that you raise on your farms are included in the tenth object.

This scripture frequently confuses Christians. Tithing is forbidden in favor of a commandment to spend one’s tithe on oneself rather than giving it to religious Consider substituting silver is for the tenth if you live far away and must drive miles to attend church.

Just go to church, buy what you want, and eat it there if you want to eat anything you want in front of God. It was intended for those who were not permitted to dine at the gate, such as the Levites. You should also store some of your food so that hungry people can come to your store and buy some. Contrarily, this passage contradicts what Christians are taught..

We present daily sacrifices and tithes to the altar as a sign of our faith in Him. The money will subsequently be put into the church’s checking account. You’ll ultimately put it to use as instructed by your spiritual guidance. We won’t doubt his kindness in donating both his time and money.

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