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“How I built an estate without one naira” – Businessman reveals



A Nigerian businessman inspires many as he shares insightful investment hacks on how he built an estate without a single naira.

A video making the rounds on social media captured an unidentified man sharing insights on building a business structure without capital.

According to the supposed business developer who claimed to build and own an estate without spending a penny, the secret to a successful business is ‘giving’.

Hinting at how he built his estate, the man revealed that he had an arrangement with the land owner, liaised with the builder and gave an irresistible discount to the prospective clients.

How to start a business without money

You don’t need money to start most businesses. If I can build an estate without one naira in my pocket, challenge me with that business you’re doing. You can sell moin-moin and akara this month and make one million naira this month.

“Nothing you want to sell, I will teach you how to make money. You know why I built this estate without money? I gave the land owner 15 houses. I gave the man who has money N200M; I did not touch his money. I gave people who are buying the house half the price. Giving is the secret of wealth!” 

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