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Army officer punches lady on chest; accuses her of being a prostitute during argument at fuel station



A lady with the social media handle, TV host took to her media page hours ago to narrate an incident which happened involving an army officer at an unidentified or unnamed fuel station in Nigeria.

In her statement, she explained how she was attacked by an unnamed army official when she complained to the fuel attendance who’s old fuel for the officer while neglecting those on queue.

According to her, the army officer talked back at her after she voiced her opinion to the fuel attendance but was told to shut up by the Army officer and showed off with a punch when she made a latter statement.

Her statement reads

“One thing I hate is Drama but today I was involved in a clash with @PoliceNG @HQNigerianArmy this man right here skipped the queue rudely and I decided to ask the attendant why he would allow another person to buy fuel instead of the people of queue and the man faced me to keep Quiet that they are already selling fuel in his car.”

“I told him I wasn’t talking to him that I was talking to the fuel attendant. I faced the fuel attendant to ask him again why he’ll skip everyone else to sell fuel for someone that skipped the line and one of the perpetrators shouted at me to go and sit down that what can I do.”

“I faced him to tell him not to talk to me anyhow that he should even be begging me so that he can get fuel and be done and he said why would he beg that I’m mannerless. The next thing I was punched on my chest and shoved Aside”

“He told me he’d teach me manners and I for angry and shouted at him to teach me the manners. That he won’t shut me up.”

“This man went into his car to get a taser to tase me. His colleagues were stopping him because they knew he was wrong. Then he got into his car and Called me a prostitute as he was driving off.”

“He kept on calling me a prostitute and didn’t apologize for hitting me @PoliceNG @HQNigerianArmy look at the people that are serving the nation. I’m lost of words.”

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