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“I’m looking for rich old man to make me one of his wives” – Pretty 22yr old lady Lament (Watch Video)



A pretty Nigerian lady has announced that she is actively searching for a wealthy elderly man between 50 to 100 years old to marry her as his wife.

Speaking in a trending video, the spinster who revealed that she is 22 years old, said she does not mind being the man’s second, third or even fourth wife so long as he takes good care of her.

She made an open call to men that fall into that category and said if any of them is looking for a 22 or 23 years old girl to marry and give a lie, that she is available.

According to her, she just wants to settle down with someone older than her father who will not give her any type of stress, as all she wants is peace of mind. She emphasised that any man who indicates interest in her must have money.

The young lady said the main reason having money is important is so that she can be able to go and have as much fun as she wants while also traveling for vacations.

Watch the video below:

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