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“The Corruption Don Reach Dis Level?” – Jesus Winner Ministry Roysambu In Trouble For Running Ruto’s Campaign Ads At The Altar (Photos below)



Kenyans have taken a swipe at Jesus Winner Ministry in Roysambu for turning its altar into a campaign platform for politicians.

From a video shared online, the church was praising God using Ruto’s campaign photos at the altar instead of Bible Verses or hymns as is usually the norm in most churches.

Interestingly, the campaign ads at the altar of Jesus Winner Ministry were written: “Ruto for president”, others “Ruto means livelihood for all” others UDA.

Feeling annoyed by the church being turned into a political rally, Kenyans busted the church leadership for losing focus and giving politicians too much attention instead of using the screen at the altar to share the word of God. below were the various reactions from a number of netizens:

“Hapo kwa campaign ads kwa altar is a NO!!”

“Why are you praising God na picha ya Ruto?”

“The times are quite biblical. You can’t serve two masters and woe unto you followers of darkness, for the dark moment of inability to distinguish between the truth and the evil is here. We can all politic as much as we want but when it comes to the issues of the Almighty, fear and tremble for He doesn’t entertain no man.”

“Hehe why is a church advertising a politician’s photos instead of the Bible Verses???”

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“A church putting a poster of William Ruto in their projector…you can buy and fools followers of Christ but you can bribe the one who owns the church…mukamaka tha metha.”

“This is what some churches have turned into sad. This black Jesus”

“So how is this worship session mixed with DP Ruto’s pictures running on the slides. Anyway Acha nifike kwetu CITAM Thika road”

“UDA-ku pastors will show us wonders! Yaani they’re reducing a sacred place to an UDA-ku kiosk. Loot-all must stop forcing pastors to worship him!!! Shindwe, you won’t see heaven.”

“It’s very shameful for the church to reach that level in politics, may God helps us…”

“Now look at this church displaying political on their screen instead of scripture, hii niile kanisa ya washwash”

“You know why I stopped attending church…. check the screen.”

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