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“He needs to be arrested” – Corper spotted teaching his students Asake’s “Lonely at the top” as PPA refuses to pay his monthly allowance (Video)



A Nigerian male Corper has been making headlines following a video of him making the rounds on social media.

The video captured the Corps member teaching his students secular songs after his PPA refused to pay his monthly allowance.

As his PPA has yet to pay his last month’s monthly allowance while the new month has kickstarted, the Corper decided to take the law into his hands.

In the video, the male corps members member turns the classroom into an entertainment zone as he started singing an Afrobeats song with the his students.

While in the classroom, the Corper properly coordinated the students and began to sing Asake’s hit song “Lonely at the top”.

Note that “Lonely at the top” is a nostlagic bop off Asake’s second studio album that was released in the year 2024.

As the Corper started singing the song, the students took it serious as if their lives depend on it as they accompanied him with the next verse of the song, showing that they fully know the lyrics.

Watch the viral video below;

See reactions below;

rosythrone: This corper must be a GenZ nothing you one tell me😂😂.

sugardestiny_official:  GenZ corper 😂😂😂😂😂he finally turn school into choir practice 😂.

i_am_tee17:  How dare you record minors and put on social media? This young man has to be punished, just imagine what a role model to the learners is doing.

noahdanielsea: He need to be arrested ASAP!

d_flowergirlj: You even tried 😂😂.. at you day let them know say it’s lonely at the top .. If nah me nah big step pelu toba^cco I go teach them 😂😂😂.

callme.nene_:  Na GenZ go really spoil this Nigeria laslas😂😂😂😂.

mr_elvis_kobi:  I remember when I used Hausa to teach English Language in Jigawa.

otorroseline:  They suppose sackkkk you 😂😂.

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