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Is This A Curse? These Children Start Turning Into Trees As Soon As Their 4th Birthday Approaches (Photos below)



Most of the weird things that happen in the world are mostly found in Africa and we do not know what is actually behind this. Many people keep saying that the land of Africa is blessed at the same as cursed because of the things that usually happen here.

There are so many things that happen in Africa that actually not normal at all, these things have happened once again and many are saying that it’ s a curse.

This is actually about a certain couple whose children are gradually and every day turning into trees.

Let us go deep into details as the victim of these children tells his story;

“My wife and I got married in 1998 and started giving birth to our children. We were a happy family because the most exciting part of marriage is childbearing since people with children are much respected in my community. We produced ten children and five of them as they follow each other have the same disability. ”
He continued;

“Surprisingly, these five children were born normal but whenever each turned age four, he was caught with a disability and as stiff as a tree. ”

“My firstborn who is now 22 years old started experiencing a ch greater part of his disability when he turned 14 years. Sitting down and talking has become a problem for him. This disability has made them stiff and rigid. ”

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“I always keep them in the room and sometimes, I carry them outside for sunshine. I am indeed going through a lot as my wife has left me because of our children’ s disability but I do not want to give up on them. ”

“When their condition started, they all started having fever, transgressed into body shaking and stiffness. I took them to traditional doctors but nothing better came out from there. ”

“During its early stage, I took them to the local hospital and every result showed negative yet my children are perishing. People from my community had told me that there is no way my children will recover from their disability so I stopped taking them to the hospital. ”

“When their disability started, they were all talking normally but now, things are getting worse as they cannot pronounce a single word. ”
“I have sold most of my things to take care of these children’ s medical bills but all in vain. It is really hard for me to raise these kids alone. I am really suffering. ” He concluded.

If I may ask, what is the cause of all these? Is this a curse what.

Take a look at the video below;

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