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Amaechi threatens to sack train station managers, reveals how he will deal with them



Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi, has threatened to sack the manager and workers of the Idu Train Station in Abuja.

The Minister said he had received complaints that the workers were selling tickets illegally.

In a viral video, Amaechi is seen issuing stern warning, saying that even if she goes to court after the sack, it won’t yield any fruit.

The Minister said, “I’m not joking. I hear complaints on how you people will sell tickets to a group of people and they will go outside and sell it at high cost and people will come here to find no ticket to buy.

“If I hear that complaint again, you know the problem with Nigeria? There are no consequences for action. That’s the problem. So, I’ll set you as an example.

“You can go to court. By the time you finish at the high court, Appeal Court and Supreme Court, I have retired from politics, I’ve retired from office. You cannot be collecting…, I mean, people will come and collect ticket in bulk for N1000 and go and sell outside for N1500.

“If I hear it again, I’ll start with you. When I was a Governor, my principle was that if you take the big man out, the poor people will runaway.”

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