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”I found out that my boyfriend of 3 years is a catholic priests” – Woman cries out



Nigerian woman left heartbroken as she finds out her boyfriend of 3 years is a catholic priest in the United States of America.

The lady reached out to popular Instagram account, Diaryofanaijagirl, for advice from her and her followers.

She explained how she had read about stories like that without knowing she would also become a victim one day.

According to her they had been dating for three years and in that time she never suspected a thing.

When she asked his reason for lying to her for so long, he said he loved her so much and she was a nice person so she wouldn’t have stayed if she knew the truth.

He explained that he was looking for admission so she could travel to America and when he retires from the convent they could be together.

She refused, not wanting to enter into that sort of arrangement with a supposed man of God.

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