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How Ghanaian Millionaire hid his Benz Car in Metal Garage for 35 Years Because Rawlings Allegedly Wanted to Seize it (Photos below)



The tenure of the military dictatorship in Ghana when the late former President Jerry John Rawlings was at the helm of affairs did not allow the wealthy to flaunt their riches.

That was why a rich Ghanaian merchant in the 1980s had to hide his newly bought Mercedes Benz car in a metal garage so Rawlings did not seize it.

According to a story shared by Sports Journalist, Saddick Adams on social media, Alhaji Agyaa was rich and popular in the former Brong Ahafo Region between 1970 and 1980.

He was actually the one person who was able to buy the finest Mercedes Benz at the time and due to fear of being found, and the car seized by the Rawlings-led PNDC regime, Alhaji Agyaa built a metal garage and hid this exquisite car in there for safety.

He wrote: For those who grew in BA, this man was very rich and popular in the 1970-80s. He was the only millionaire who could acquire this Mercedez in the early 80s when JJ Rawlings was Military leader. Rawlings wanted to seize the car so the man made special metal garage to hide the car

This garage was forced open perhaps for he first time in over 35 years. This car used to be the talk of town in Techiman. Saw this on Anas Sabit Facebook.

Following that, some Ghanaians are sharing the views on why they think the Rawlings era was a tough time for Ghanaians. According to these comments, until democracy arrived, Rawlings was a brutal leader who held the nation to ransom.

Ivan wrote:

@SaddickAdamssame story in Bolga a man call Alhaji Danladi who was very rich by then acquired thesame car (Benz) we are told late JJ Rawlings came after him so he took the car to a hidden place where no one knew..2014 that we saw the car.

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