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How Dangote’s Younger Brother And Son Of General Sani Abacha Died In A Plane Crash (Details below)



On January 17 1996, the son of General Sani Abacha in person of Ibrahim Abacha was a 28 year old young man. On the ill- fated day, Ibrahim Abacha and his friends boarded the Nigerian Air Force Presidential Falcon Jet with his thirteen friends to attend a wedding party at Kano state from Lagos. Few minutes to their landing at Aminu Kano International airport, the aircraft crashed and immediately caught fire in a way no one could explain. Among those who died in the plane was Bello Dangote who was the younger brother of Aliko Dangote.

As revealed by the aviation officials in Nigeria, it was claimed that the pilot reported issue of engine failure before the jet crashed. While some people present at the scene also claimed the aircraft exploded in the air.

Later, some people under the umbrella of United Front for Nigeria’ s Liberation claimed to be responsible for the incident as a campaign against the tyrannical leadership of General Sani Abacha.

However, investigations was carried out and arrests were made in connection with the crash but names of the suspects were not revealed. This shows that the issue of insincerity has long been in the political and adadministrative scene of Nigeria.

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The most shocking part of the issue was that Ibrahim was not the biological son of Sani Abacha, he only switched name after his mother, Maryam married Sani Abacha. Maryam gave birth to Ibrahim in her marriage with Shehu Usman, Sarkim Maska of Funtua district of Katsina. Ibrahim Abacha is just like sacrificial lamb for the atrocities of Sani Abacha before the General himself suffered his own.

Till this moment, the cause of the plane crash is still a mystery. In my opinion, I think what happened to General Sani Abacha was an instant karma just that Ibrahim Abacha was a victim of bad circumstances because he was not the biological son of General Sani Abacha.

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