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See The Boy Who Was Caught In The Bush Raping A Woman Old Enough To Be His Grandmother (Photos below)



This issue of rape has been a very serious issue in Nigeria because it seems almost all the young Nigerian youth now go into rape.

Rape is something that distroys the future of a woman, that’ s why anybody that is caught should be given a serious punishment.

Godbless the wife of the governor of Akawibom state who brought the ferep organization for women, the right of a woman in akawibom state is well protected.

The case of this Boy was so serious, he was caught sleeping with an old woman in the bush behind Kajola primary school in Oyo State, the woman was old enough to be his grandmother.

He was however mercilessly beaten by angry mob who caught him at the process.

According to an eye witness name Abolarin Funmi she said that its not the first time seeing the boy coming out from the bush.

Funmi said that she always sees the boy parking his motorcycle along the bushy road and many people think that he goes to refresh himself in the bush, not knowing he had his evil plan of going into the bush to rape women.

People were so shocked to see him in such kind of bad scenario raping an old woman old enough to be his grandmother

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The boy was later handed over to the community vigilante who happened to save him from the hands of the mob.

The young boy who is only 22years of age was handed over to the police after he was beaten badly by the angry mob.

The boy ran out of luck when he tried to rape the old woman in the bush and the woman cried out loudly shouting for help. Luckily for her, her neighbor who was also in the bush farming heard the woman making noise and decided to come and rescue the woman.

The boy was caught and he was badly beaten and interrogated.

After series of interrogations the boy confessed and accepted his charge he beg to be pardoned and blamed the his act on the devil.

According to the boy he loves sleeping with old women because he wanted to no how sweet old women are.

The state police commissioner after hearing the crime said the boy will be charge to court immediately for committing such a crime.

The old woman said she will never forgive the boy because she is old enough to have him as a grandchild not even a child.