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Moment pastor commands credit alert from heaven to man’s phone during miracle service



A viral video shows the moment a pastor uses prayer to command a supernatural credit alert into a man’s phone during a miracle service.

In a video currently making the rounds online, a man was seen holding up his phone for all to see as the pastor continued to pray for the alert.

Surprisingly, the screen of the phone lit up when a credit alert entered.

The whole church burst into celebration and began dancing over the miracle credit alert.

Reactions have trailed this …
xxssive remarked: “Na the Pple when dey jump and dey vex me pass
😂😂 assistant pastor don send from Opay make e quick enter 🤦‍♂️ una too funny”

its.kemzy_ commented: “God suppose Dey slap some pastors”

kingjosiahmba penned: “This is a mockery on Christianity as a religion, someone should stop these clowns destroying the reputation of priesthood.”

ble_ssing_sunday stated: “Heaven get him opay account😂😭”

rosythrone asked; “Idk if it’s just me, but I feel this a total disrespect and mockery on Christianity”

Watch video below …

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