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“I must draw blood from you” – Bully says while flogging fellow student at Ekiti varsity (video)



A female student of Bamidele Olumilua University of Education Science and Technology, Ikere Ekiti, (BOUESTI) was filmed flogging a fellow student and the video has shocked viewers.

The incident occurred on Sunday, May 5, 2024. 

In the video posted on X on Monday, May 6, the bully, dressed in a black top and black jeans is seen flogging the victim, dressed in a yellow gown.

A female voice is heard in the background, saying, ” They are friends. She is quite popular in the Mass Communication Department.”

The bully is seen shouting in Yoruba, “You called me bastard, you must be mad”.

She continues flogging the victim while threatening to beat her till she bleeds.

“I am waiting for who will stop me from not beating you till you bleed, she said.

Later in the video, the victim is seen running toward a small group while the bully runs after her. Those in the group make no attempt to stop the bully.

As the video ends, the victim is seen begging while the bully continues threatening to beat her till she bleeds. 

The video has since elicited outrage and Nigerians are calling for the bully to be punished.

Watch the video below.

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