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Unbelievable: Nigerian Actresses Who Don’t Kiss In Movies No Matter What Role They Are Given (Details below)



Actresses are expected to act according to the roles entrusted to them, whatever role they are given.

Although, movie roles are based on fiction, an actor is asked to assume or act by pretending to be someone you are not and sometimes with fraudulent intentions to teach the world or to tell a story.

Actresses who don’ t kiss in movies say that no matter who the characters are, they can’ t play such roles.

Other actresses consider playing in romantic roles like normal things they don’ t care about, but not these two actresses, they said it was a no- go zone for them.

Judy Austin.

Judy Austin, a beautiful Nigerian actress and producer born in, is from Anambra State and has also acted in many good films.

Before starting her acting career, she was more into modeling and music.

She became an actress thanks to the influence of her friend Sylvester Madu who had advised her to take up comedy because of her beauty.

She started playing (acting) roles in the film industry in 2013 and 5 years (2018), she gave credit to two films of her own (she produced two films) ” Native girl” and ” fear” .

She once had an interview with Potpourri stating things that she can’ t do as an actress, she said she can’ t go naked in movies for any amount, and that she barely kissed in the movies, she added that she would never do what she kids or family will see and be ashamed of, her limit is that she doesn’ t do too much romance in movies.

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Ruth Kadiri.

Ruth Kadiri is a popular Nollywood actress, screenwriter, model, philanthropist, and producer.

Depending on her kiss is against her beliefs and as a screenwriter she knows if a script is good or bad.

If she sees that a scenario is against her will, or her beliefs that represent kissing or some other act, she does her best not to be part of it. She will not be part of the scene.

These two actresses concluded by giving good examples for their family and friends to have a good reputation.

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