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AGAIN! JHS Student Skip Class to Give Her Boyfriend M0uth Act!on At A Conner (Video below)



JHS and SHS students are not shaken even with wide reports of their [email protected] habits and [email protected] lifestyle, they still keep going on and on.

Since they have refused to change for the better, we will not also change from reporting their [email protected] activities during and after class hours.

A new video just made its way to the internet showing a JHS female student giving [email protected] m0uth action to her boyfriend who from the looks of things she has really missed as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Just barely weeks after some African countries eased the lockdown for schools to resume, these sets of students are already showing their talent.

The video shows the girl on her knees with the boy’s ‘Pendrive’ in her m0uth while she played with it.

She’s really acting like a pro, from the way she handles it. Se must have spent much time watching it on TV and practicing.

Lucky for you we have the video and will share it.