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What A Man Did To A Boy He Caught Chopping His Wife (Watch Video)



A funny but serious video has been fast going viral and sighted by the number gossip website and as usual, we didn’t want to leave out cherished viewers behind.

In the video saw a man whom his face didn’t show but the boy who was being lashed face was showing and begging for his dear life.
The language of the boy who a Ghanaian language known as Twi which is being spoken by the Ashantes.

The boy was being asked, whether he will go after someone’s girlfriend again or not, and undoubtedly, he was saying no and begging for the man to stop lashing him.
The funny thing is the girl was also standing there comfortably looking at the show that was going on
From the video we can analyze that, the boy has been going after people girlfriends because he made a statement saying, he will never take anyone’s girl again.

Watch the video below: