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“Please Let Me Die, the Pain Is Too Much, I Don’t Sleep at Night Because Of This” – Man Pleads with God



A man named John has emotionally pleaded with God to take his life because the pain he is undergoing is unbearable after being diagnosed with an unknown disease for the last 30 years.

According to him, it all started like normal scratching on his whole body, but as days continued, his body started to develop rashes which later turned into dried wounds.

John visited many hospitals, but the doctors couldn’t diagnose the disease he was suffering from. He sold all his properties so that he could be treated, but it was in vain since the money was not enough, and up to date, he is still suffering from the disease, claiming his body is full of pain.

His wife abandoned him after his condition became worse. He was left with two kids to take care of, but he thanks God because they are now grown-ups who are already living their own lives. So, he lives alone, with no one to help him when the pain becomes unbearable.

He claims life has not been easy for him because no one wants to be associated with him, since many people from his village think he might infect them with the disease.

He has gone ahead pleading with God to take his life since he cannot even afford money for his treatment. He claims that since the scratching disease developed, he does not sleep at night; most of the time, he is scratching his whole body, which is also painful.

He says he is tired of suffering from the disease, yet he cannot afford to get treated, and his only wish is for God to let him die so that his suffering can come to an end.

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