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Leaked Chats Reveal Fleeing Yahaya Bello Allegedly Planning to Bribe Judges with Dollars



The unfolding scandal involving former Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello has intensified, following reports from SaharaReporters that allege Bello is engaged in efforts to bribe judges overseeing his fraud and money laundering case.

These allegations have surfaced amidst his existing legal battles with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), which has accused him of misappropriating over N80 billion from state funds.

The details of this alleged bribery scheme came to light through leaked WhatsApp messages from a group chat named “Only Ododo 4 Const,” which includes several close associates and former commissioners under Bello’s administration. Notably, the chat group features Evangelist Kinsley Fanwo, a current member of Governor Usman Ododo’s administration, and other prominent political figures in Kogi State.

According to the leaks, Bello has orchestrated a plan to convert a significant sum of money into dollars for the purpose of bribing judges handling his case. Evangelist Fanwo openly discussed these plans in the group chat, noting, “My honorable, no fear Oo. Ogah is on top of his game, I spoke with him and he told me that he has converted the entire money to dollars he don get who go help am deliver to those judges.”

Fanwo’s messages convey a confident stance regarding the success of their plan, suggesting a calculated attempt to undermine the judicial process: “Even if Oga (Bello) turns himself in or not, if the money gets to the judges, we are sure of victory. The enemies will soon cry.”

Furthermore, Abdullahi Bello, Chairman of the All Progressives Congress in Kogi State, confirmed that preliminary steps were being taken to ensure the success of their meeting with the judges: “The necessary things will be done before we meet the judges.”

These developments occur as the EFCC has laid out a comprehensive legal case against Bello, detailing a variety of charges that include the illegal conversion of state funds and the use of proxies to acquire assets with the proceeds of crime. This case is currently set to be heard in Federal High Court 9 in Abuja, with the charges spotlighting the broader issues of corruption that continue to plague Nigerian politics.

The allegations, if true, highlight a severe attempt to corrupt the judicial system and underscore the challenges Nigeria faces in its effort to combat political corruption and reinforce the rule of law. The situation remains fluid, and the implications of these revelations could have significant ramifications for both the accused and the political landscape in Kogi State and beyond.

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