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Ogbomoso Woman Narrates Why She Prepared Amala with Cassava Peel that Resulted in a Fatal Outcome



Mrs Victoria Oyewole, the woman who developed complications after eating ‘Amala’ prepared with Cassava Peel was recently interviewed by Obelomo Presenter in Ogbomo so and she narrated how living in abject poverty forced them to eat the mean because they’ve not eaten for two days.

On the 29th of February, 2024, it was reported in the media that a family of 6 were hospitalized for developing complications from the meal they took as lunch, unfortunately one of the children could not survived it but the mother and 5 other children were revived by the medical team at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospital Ogbomoso.

A visit to their abode in Temidire, Ogbomoso revealed that the family are battling with abject poverty and really need help. The roof of the two rooms apartments they managed to build has been blown off by rainstorm and a good samaritan offered them an uncompleted building with no doors and window, unplastered wall and dusty floor to manage pending the time they will be able to fix their home.

The husband, oyewole paul, a bricklayer from Ogbomoso while narrating his experience with obelomo presenter said “the family lives at Temidire along Otamokun road in Ogbomoso, i left home on monday to work so that we can raise money, i didn’t have phone so on Wednesday, the person i went to work for was contacted and i came back home, when i get home i was surprised seeing many people infront of my house and when i get in they told me what happed so I went to the hospital where i saw them and thank God they are alive today.

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The wife Mrs Victoria Oyewole given her account said

“On the 27 we didn’t eat in the afternoon, night there was no food so. on the 28 when i realize that there is nothing to eat and the 6 children including my 2 grand children are already complaining of hunger so that day i went to peel cassava at garri processing place, i came back home and with some peel, dry it and we make cassava flour we ate Amala.

When it was around 11 the eldest woke up, complained of stomach ache and started vomiting, later others joined too they all started vomiting, i took them to a medicine to help me give them medicine but he said it is beyond what he can treat because their condition is already critical and advised that they should be taking to hospital, there was no money for hospital and i started crying it was my wail that some people heard and they came around to help us they too us to ogo oluwa hospital, the doctor there directed us to teaching hospital before we got to the hospital the youngest one who waa my grandchild had passed on and the doctor at the teaching Hospital tried their best to save our lives.”

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“As at the time the boy died, we were all dead becauae we don’t even know whether we are alive or dead but the God helped us we were revived.

“Presently i am not doing anything, my husband is also a bricklayer and there is no work, the two rooms we managed to build has been damaged by wind which blew off the roof and somebody just gave us this uncompleted building to manage pending the time we will fix our house

“The little boy that died is our grand child, his father died two years ago and the mother has returned to his parents and two of them are living with us

“There is no job, the only thing i do now is peeling cassava at garri factory and the money we were paid is not enough to feed us, we really need help those poverty consume us i don’t want to be begging again this suffering is too much, i need help if i can raise money to start little business and i believe from there things will pick up,

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