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I was pushed out of a running vehicle by armed robbers on my way from town



I boarded a mini bus in town, on entering. i sensed something wasn’t right. Kindly asked the driver to drop me, he refused but instead increased the speed of the car, the person seated next to me insisted on closing the door, i refused & started dragging the door with them.

As i was shouting for help while still struggling with the door with them so i could quickly go out unfortunately the overcome me. And commanded me to sit and be quiet or I’ll be sorry in which i did.

I was still begging them to let me go, but when we got to a lonely area, they rook everything and pushed me down while the vehicle was still running in high speed, I just want to thank the good people who rushed me to a nearby Health centre where i was given first Aid treatment before we arrived the General hospital. I also want to appreciate the nurses and doctors for being kind to us.

Want to use this opportunity to alert everyone to always stay vigilant and careful on the type of taxi or mini bus you chose to to travel with, for they are kidnappers an robbers all over the place wishing to do anything for money, i have lost some of my teeth in the process and my condition isn’t good pls, help me pray for quick recovery & also help me thank God for keeping me alive after this traumatic event.”

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