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REVEALED! Binance P2P scam in Nigeria and how Binance Support is helping Merchant scam users



Over the recent years since Crypto got popular in Nigeria, there is a scam that is now common on Binance P2P in Nigeria.

Guess what, this scam cost just $1000 for binance to back your scammer..

Let me explain, being a merchant on binance P2P cost just $1000, and once you make this payment binance CS will always back you over ordinary buyers who aren’t merchant.

Many users have had this experience on the binance P2P platform in Nigeria, still can’t believe that some Nigerian scammers has infiltrated the system.

Binance customer service is fully aware of this but will always back them cus they have paid $1000 to become a merchant.

These set of scammers on binance P2P will claim not to have gotten the money sent and will send fake evidence against the request made by the binance CS and they will simply accept the fake evidence.

The CS will assure you that your fund is safe but will release fund behind the scene to the merchant even while your appeal is still pending.

These marchat has high volume daily trade and binance loves them for this hence don’t care if they are wrong or right

Let me give you and example

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One of the merchants who goes by the username fastpayment123 real name Boluwatife Deborah Opaleye, (check the above screenshot) has over 99000 feedbacks has over 97% positive review but will still be able to scam you and binance will turn blind eyes to it because he’s a merchant. Trust me never you use name to judge who’s gender it is

Not only will they scam you, they will still be rude to you as seen in the screenshot above.

It’s sad that the only peaceful P2P platform in Nigeria has now been infiltrated by scammers

People like Boluwatife Deborah Opaleye who’s among the viral scammer on Binance P2P Nigeria is among the many other user who has high rating but scam users for form.

They will happily enjoy being blocked after they must have successfully scammed you. So better stay safe.

Would have revealed more details from many other scammers like him but will leave it for more detailed post in the future article that will be published shortly.

My advice to Binance P2P users in Nigeria is they should now be very careful while trading on the platform.

Also, they should know that there is glitch that occur once in a while which makes your trade cancel despite haven clicked on “transfered notify seller”

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