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“Why Nigeria has better accessible healthcare than the U.K.” — Abroad based Nigerian lady



An abroad-based Nigerian lady asserts that despite the poor standards in Nigeria, it has an accessible healthcare system better than the U.K.

In a post via the micro-blogging platform, X (formerly Twitter), a user identified as @Moyoscoooo shares her experience with healthcare in Britain compared to her home country.

Moyo lamented how she spent almost 7 hours to get medical care after calling an ambulance that took forever to arrive.

She concluded that healthcare in the UK is poor despite having state-of-the-art equipment, unlike Nigeria where you simply walk in and get treated as long as you can afford treatment.

Nigeria has more accessible healthcare than the U.K.
“You people can drag me if you want oh but Nigeria has more accessible healthcare than Uk. We just don’t have structure and resources Uk has everything and they will still kill you.

How can someone be in pain and ambulance is taking 5hrs to come and God help you, you take yourself to A&E you will sit for another 2hrs that is if they don’t send you to urgent care to sit for another 3hrs.

You go to your Gp (doctor) complain about something that needs urgent attention they will give you a referral 3 months after. Abeg Abeg.”

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