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“Untie my womb” – Married woman tackles father for being childless for 6 years



A drama broke out in a community as a married woman accused her father of tying her womb and causing her infertility.

A 15-minute video posted on Facebook by blogger Ogechi Okeke revealed the moment the married woman stormed her family residence to confront her father.

Lamenting in Igbo, the lady, the family’s first daughter, had a man videotape everything while she sought advice from netizens on the subject.

She displayed parts of the family home where she claimed her father kept charms and bemoaned the fact that he had not abandoned the nasty habit.

When she finally saw her father, she went insane, throwing items around him and questioning why he had closed her womb.

Anwulika questioned her father’s decision to let his estranged wife’s misunderstanding affect his children.

The woman also accused him of being behind her siblings’ problems, saying that the pastors she consulted said he was to blame for her barrenness.

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