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Tech savvy monkey is spotted ‘working’ on computer at railway office (Watch Video)



Travellers were left baffled when they walked into a railway office to find a monkey “working” behind the desk.

A customer captured the langur monkey sitting behind the desk in an office chair on video.

The footage also showed the beast typing on the keyboard and flipping through files.

People believe the new employee has learned the behaviour after watching the train staff hard at work.

The monkey was captured at Bolpur Shantiniketan railway station in Bengal, India.

A popular Instagram account shared the footage with the caption: “New Appointment in Railway service”.

Tech savvy monkey is spotted

People found the footage hilarious, as thousands took to the likes and comment section.

One said: “And we were thinking AI will take our jobs away”.

Another added: “Leave my guy alone he’s just trying to pay taxes.”

Tech savvy monkey is spotted

A third joked: “Before there was gender equality and now species equality. Our India is really great. Equality for everything.”

Watch the video below.

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