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5yrs old girl packs her bags and leaves home after her mom seized her tablet (Watch Video)



A little white kid put up a stunt by packing her bags and leaving her family’s house after she was deprived of her play gadget.

Her mother took her tablet because she was always on it, but the 5-year-ol girl reacted by packing her bags and walking out of the house.

A video which has gone viral captures the moment the little girl made up her mind to run away from home while her mother laughed hard over the situation.

The child carried two of her bags and walked a distance on their street before realising that there was nowhere for her to go and there was nobody chasing after her.

The girl had no choise thn to turn and walked back home with her bags, and her mum teasingly welcomed her back with open arms.

The woman, who was still laughing asked her if she wanted to be a part of the family again, after which she offered her pizza as a peace offering which she happily accepted.

Watch the video below:

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