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“Don’t fall for their promises again” – Bishop Oyedepo warns Nigerians



Founder of Living Faith church Worldwide (Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo has urged Nigerians to learn from the past.

The cleric said the APC-led administration failed to deliver and they are making fresh ‘balloon’ promises to deceive people.

Oyedepo spoke while addressing members of his church in Ota, Ogun State, as he vowed that the devil would not have his way in Nigeria.

The clergyman lamented the worsening insecurity across the country under President Muhammadu Buhari.

Oyedepo also recounted how he rejected an offering from a candidate.

He said: “If you can’t learn from the past up until now, I don’t know what you want to learn. They made all balloon promises, nothing came to pass, not one.

“You wrote them down, the newspaper wrote them down, and you can’t see anything there. They’re saying, “come again, come again, fools come.

“Security down to zero, you’re travelling, you’re looking at the back, every day, on the street, in the town, in the villages, what?”

Meanwhile, Bishop Oyedepo recently cautioned youths against the rush to leave Nigeria for greener pastures known as ‘japa’ syndrome.

He issued the warning on Saturday, January 7th while advising government to invest massively in citizens to restore the lost glory of Nigeria.

According to NAN, Oyedepo said human capital development remains the most viable stock of any nation.

The pastor also urged government to take education funding seriously because it is the bedrock of sustainable national development.

Oyedepo further said that an enabling environment for young Nigerians would reduce the number of citizens leaving the country.

He also warned about the dangers of being in a strange land, noting that many youths are stranded in foreign countries but cannot return because of shame.

The cleric added; “Parents need to reorientate their children. We all need to stay in Nigeria to rebuild. Everyone has a part to play in the recovery of his nation”.

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