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35yrs Old Abongile Was Found Dead And This Happened To Her 4-Month-Old Son



A woman living in the country has a high chance of being killed that dying of natural causes. South Africa is not only one of the country’s with the highest rate of femicide, it is also becoming a very unsafe place for women to live in.

Women in the country are killed every single, most of these women who are killed are mostly killed by men, sometimes men that they know, be it their domestic partners, their relatives, their mates, their neighbours etc. Cases where perpetrators are strangers are not as common as those that perpetrators are someone known to the victims.

The list of women who are killed keeps getting long, and that is a sad reality. Abongile Doritile unfortunately joins the list of many women who are killed senselessly in the country.

According to the source, the 35 year-old woman from Khayelitsha was found dead about a week ago, her 4 month old son has been kidnapped.

It was shared that her boyfriend, who is allegedly abusive has been questioned about the murder and the disappearance of the son but no one has been arrested.

The sad reality is that, these senseless killings of women in the country are starting to feel like a norm, the rate if this crime keeps going up by the day.

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Something needs to be done.

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