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‘I May K!ll Somebody’ – Nurse Threatens To Kill All All Her Patients In Trending Video



A female Ghanaian nurse has run into controversy after threatening to kill all of her patients in a popular TikTok video..

The teenage nurse announced her threat to kill any patient who enters the hospital where she works in a video.

Ghana’s Nursing and Midwifery Council has taken up the complaint in response to the video and is trying to identify the nurse and the hospital where she works.

The young woman has been identified as a student nurse at one of Ghana’s nursing schools. She was heard on the tape saying, however, that being a nurse was never her dream.

She said that her parents made her enroll in nursing school, and she issued a dire warning to anyone considering seeking medical attention at her hospital: Stay away, or you’ll die.

The Ghanaian Nursing and Midwifery Council has since distanced itself from the student nurse’s motives.

Additionally, they have issued warnings to students, netizens, nurses, and midwives to refrain from “unprofessional and unapproved conduct,” particularly when donning the outfit.

The council also disclosed that a probe is proceeding to apply the appropriate punishment to the young nurse.

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