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A Married Woman Dies In The Home Of A Catholic Priest Has Been Revealed



According to reports, the lady had told her husband she was going for a funeral but she went to the priest’s house, with the woman who was discovered to be a member of the Catholic Women’s League at St Maurice Catholic Church in Lusaka.

The Church eventually suspended Father Abel Mwelwa and forced him to pay for the funeral expenses incurred as a result of the incident which occurred on a Holy Thursday night, when the reverend father, Abel Mwelwa invited the married woman to the parish house. After the incident became public, Archbishop Alick Banda suspended the clergyman as the judicial vicar of the Archdiocese of Lusaka.

Father Mwelwa had ceased to be a the parish priest of Kaunda Square parish. An official memo from the church also stated.

The information read further, “I hereby wish to inform you that I have with immediate effect suspended the Rev. Ringford Abel Mwelwa from the priesthood indefinitely. With this suspension, he ceases to be Parish Priest for Kaunda Square Parish. Secondly, the priest also ceases to be the Judicial Vicar of the Archbishop of Lusaka.” A part of the memo read

However, an unconfirmed source claimed that the priest injected something into the deceased. This was done in an attempt to terminate her pregnancy.

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However, the diseased’s family required the clergyman to pay for the funeral expenses. According to a source close to the incident. The woman’s family urged police to look into the true cause of her death.

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