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Black Women Stop Coming To TD Jakes Church After He Said They Need To Stop Being So Independent



According to wild reports, TD Jakes’ church is now half empty after he bashed Black women in a sermon a few weeks ago. Apparently, his church got a lot of Black women and now, they’re punishing him by dumping his church and taking money off his table.

MTO News got the juice;

TD Jakes’ Potter House is one of the most popular mega-churches in the world. There was a time when tens of thousands of people would stand on line to hear Bishop TD Jakes preach.

But that was before the mega-church pastor began bashing Black women in his sermons. Nowadays, the crowds aren’t quite what they used to be.

Media Take Out got pics from inside TD Jakes church this past Sunday, and there were tons of empty seats. And all those empty seats, means that the collection plate was likely coming up light.

In the images, obtained by Media Take Out, there were entire sections of the church that were completely empty. It’s clear, from our images that the producers of TD Jakes livestream put all the people in a single section so that in the Youtube stream of the sermon, the church appeared to be full.

TD Jakes recently went viral, for making comments that many felt were disparaging towards Black women. He downed Black women for their independence and success – even in the face of racism and sexism. According to TD Jakes, their struggle made them “like men.”

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It’s possible that the TD Jake’s poor church attendance was a result of Black women protesting his controversial sermons.

The good news for Jakes is at least he isn’t getting robbed like the Fendi Father and it appears his pockets are straight.

You have to look at these things glass half full at times.

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