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Meet The Woman Who Gave Birth To A Goat, Narrates Her Sad Story Which Shocked Everyone (Video below)



Some stories keep me awake the whole night. Among the stories that keep me awake is about the woman who gave birth to a goat Yes, you heard me right, the woman who gave birth to a goat.

Now there isn’t any part of it that was human. And the other part was a goat. It was a goat from head to toe. According to the woman, she doesn’t believe in magic or witchcraft, but it looks like she going to believe it because of this mysterious thing she has seen.

Well, my family lived through this. Since I was born, it was my first time witnessing that situation with my own eyes. I heard that there was a woman who gave birth to a pig but I’m not sure if it’s real.

According to the Afrimax journalist he has been traveling for over 30 years and has seen many stories, but none of them scares him like the story of Alfonsina the woman who gave birth to a goat while she never slept with one. The woman revealed that as soon as she gave birth, she remember that the goat was still alive. It looked at her face and tried to get up but failed to get up. After like 30 minutes it died.

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According to the journalist this sad incident. happened in Congo a village called Cabo Buka in the territory of Katana located in the southern part of the country. The woman who gave birth to a goat is 28 years old and her name is My name is Alfonsina Juana Buhanda.

The Doctor who spoke with Afrimax revealed this goat birth is a great miracle because he has been a doctor for many years, but he has never seen any case like this. The woman Alfonsina Juana Buhanda gave birth to six children peacefully without any problems. And in her seventh pregnancy, she gave birth to a goat. What made a woman with a husband give birth to a goat? That she cheated on him with the goats or was she bewitched?.

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