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Man Set To Payback A Loan Of $5,000 He Took From A Bank To Buy Engagement Ring For His Ex-fiancee



A lady has taken to her social media to narrate how a man was compelled to pay back a loan he took from a bank to buy an engagement ring for his ex-fiancee..

According to the lady who happens to be a debt collector, she was tasked by a bank to collect some of its debt from its debtors and she had to go through a statement issued by the bank to know what their debtors used the loans for.

While going through the statement, she realized that some the loan to buy cars, others went on trips and did some shopping for themselves but the one that caught her attention was the man who took the loan to buy an engagement ring for his ex-fiancee.

When she reached out to the gentleman to discuss payment terms, he told her that the lady he took the loan to buy the engagement ring for is no longer part of his life yet he has to pay for the $5,000.

She lamented that the young man would complete the payment of the loan in two years. She added that there are a lot of guys going through similar troubles in silence.

See the screenshot below;

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