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“Justice for Floyd” – Video Of Mayweather Being Snubbed By Fans As Anthony Joshua Takes The Shine Gets Fans Talking



Social media has been set agog after a Video of Floyd Mayweather being snubbed by fans as Anthony Joshua takes all the shine at an event gets netizens talking..

Floyd Mayweather and Anthony Joshua were both seen at an event trying to take photos with fans and make memory but unfortunately, almost all the fans who were there to take photos with them practically snubbed Floyd Mayweather.

They were all seen giving their attention to Anthony Joshua who saw how insensitive their actions were hence making sure Floyd Mayweather appears in all the photos they take with their fans and some netizens have reacted to that.

Many sympathized with Floyd Mayweather saying it’s a result of him being short which is why most of the fans ignored for to show love to Anthony Joshua even though they were both standing at the same place.

Others were just making a mockery of him saying it’s the plight of short people whenever they’re standing close to tall people and Anthony Joshua despite being taller than Floyd Mayweather also initiated a conversation first with the fans when they get closer to them.

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